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I’ve been creative from a young age and I draw because it makes me happier. My inspiration comes from a myriad of places including women, fashion, magazines, flowers, films and literature. Sometimes my drawings form a landscape of childhood memories. Through this process I get a sensation that I am creating something on the page from nowhere that represent me.


At the moment I am working on a series of drawings inspired by female writers and artists,  botanical illustrations and quotes from books. I also enjoy drawing from magazines. I open a page at random and an image or a word pops up this time was Simone de Beauvoir’s quote that stood out.


The other day while travelling on the tube I noticed a woman sitting opposite was reading Jane Eyre when an old lady sat next to her. She said: ‘Oh that’s a good read’. Later at home I found a copy of the Bronte’s novel in my daughter room.





In my local bakery while ordering an oatmilk flat white I heard a woman say, while smiling that she had watched When Harry met Sally for the first time.



Heroines of the Resistance of WW2 and Freedom

teresa noce drawingDuring the summer I spent time in Bologna at my parents flat. Often sit in a nearby park listening to the stories of elderly women who sit under the trees to enjoy a little fresh air. The park is dedicated to the memory of  the feminist and activist ‘Teresa Noce’. She  lived in Paris, Moscow and went to Spain to witness the Spanish Civil War. Teresa also edited the periodical La voce delle Donne in 1934 . A character in my piece  ‘Parallel State’ is inspired by her and in the world of the play she exists in two different realities.  On marshlands where Theresa helped the Resistance of WW2 by delivering parcels filled with food and ammunitions. And also on an urban estate filled with high rise tower blocks, Theresa has come back to observe how people live now. The past is a camouflage and it’s influencing the present. Her powerful voice can still be heard speaking of the challenges women faced then and still face now. Theresa tells us that she was born free and didn’t want to live in fear. Like a lioness of the tribe who hunts for pride. That’s why she embraced the dangers of being a fighter for the Resistance movement. The concept of freedom has changed through time. When do you feel free? Is it that moment when there is nothing to do, no responsibility? Or is it in a pleasant and relaxing experience when swimming or  walking the dog in a park? Isaiah Berlin a philosopher says that there are two sorts of freedom. Negative freedom and positive freedom. Negative freedom consists of having nothing to do and  therefore no pressure, and positive freedom which is when you make a choice and dedicate yourself to reach your goal. Positive freedom is in self-development: doing something you really want to do. Like settling scores or scrubbing things off our to do list or otherwise striving for a common good. How can we identify which type of freedom we really need?

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Thoughts on the modern Fairy Tale

‘It is the beast that keeps beauty alive’

(Quote from my monologue ‘Dark Desire’ which I wrote and performed as part of ‘La belle et la bete” event at Conway hall earlier this year)

When I was a child my favourite story was snow white, but I also loved the little match girl. Two very different tales. Snow white the heroine, her victory over the evil queen who abused  her power. And the little match girl with a description of an altered experience, the moments before death. Her time is precious, with every  match the girl lights up she sees how beautiful things are in the burning light.

We are diverse and have a different point of views. Everyone imagines differently I wonder, what does a particular fairy tale mean for you?

neuschwanstein castle

(Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria where King Ludvig II lived)

The phrase at the end of a fairytale is often ‘and they lived happily ever after’ but what is happiness? What makes you happy? There are times when I ask myself, I don’t know and have to search inside. Creating lists of things I love has been helpful for me. There are list journals now that you can buy, or create one yourself.  They help with this process.

The power of  fairy tales carries on from childhood throughout our lives. How is a fairy tale translated into every day life? We are in an age now where we can bridge two realms, fairy tales and real life dimension. Fairy tales and myth running like an undercurrent beneath our lives. For example, we are creating our own life story-myth via social media. A quest for perfection with Instagram photos. We can appear how we wish to be. Of course only the perfect images will be published. Tiredness and other sins disguised with editing and filters. Exploring shades of colours, zooming in and out of a frame connecting with our creative selves.

Do you see perfection in your reflection or otherwise what do you see ? They say ‘Love lies in the eye of the beholder’. Not so easy to always love ourselves how we really are, at least not for me.

Ddesire_mirror editet

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